Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Twitter

For my current friends and future friends I have set up a new Twitter account. (EWPG) I will use it to provide current and predicted updates on Eastern Washington Paragliding plans and expectations. I will post my weather calls and any known plans by local pilots including myself.

The main reason I am setting this up is to notify my list of Tandem students who want to fly. I needed an easy way to tell them all to call me if they want to Tandem on a given afternoon.

It will also work well for those who want to use it to keep up todate - very current on a given XC day this spring and summer. - If someone asks: where are you flying? I can tell them - arn't you following my tweets at ewpg? - That is where I will post current plans.

Hope I get lots of followers and lots of flying as times goes by.

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