Sunday, January 2, 2011

They all want to fly now!

With the blessing of 10 grand kids my family tandem days are just starting. - While only 5 have told me that they realy want to go(two can't talk yet), I am betting that 8 of 10 in the end will take to flight.

But Timmy is the first and at age 5 he said yes when his older brother and sister wanted to go horse back riding with Grandma. So it was a day with Grandpa - SUBWAY, Hot Chocolate, McD's and all.

The drive to Cliffside for us is 1hr and 10 yet I had never flown this amazing place. Conrad didn't want to waste the trip to eburg when the calms set in so he joined the crew on the way down. Total pilots on the hill was a bakers doz or better. - a couple tandems and lots of smiles.
Many flew as long as their fingers could take it - Doc nurced it to a thousand over.

Timothy was amazing - he whooped and weeeeed all the way - starting off, after getting his grips relaxed he spread his arms and flew like a bird. - Later you will note he was steering with weight shifting feet. - True natural.

At the end of the flight besides asking to do it again he wanted to know when he could do it by himself. - End of the summer I guess - depends on how many times he comes back for lessons after I get my ticket. (btw anyone worried for his safty check out the HIGH Gs landing he had to endure.)

Enjoy your Grand Kids or Kids or friends - such enjoyment is even more important than flying.
It is great when you can do both at the same time.


Jorge said...

Awesome video preacher! I've never heard of this site, where is it located? The launch looks great! Any USHPA requirements?


Ron_Enck said...

Great job! And a perfect song for this video, one of my favorites.