Saturday, January 29, 2011

Valle day one - practice - very fast

I just didn’t know any better.

Day one in Valle, - my plan was to get established between Divis and Megy (sp on both bad) and then work round the back side of the lake.

Best laid plans. – I also heard about the task – which was to go to Agula via espena etc. – then Divis then the lake.

On launch I helped Doug get set up and that put me back just a bit which worked out to be perfect. – From the time I put my helmet on to leaving espena was less than 30 minutes – I was on glide to El Pinon less than 5 minutes after launch – One fast climb and I hit top of the stack just as the big boys were leaving for the task. Perfect. – nice line to El Pinon then straight back to the wall – two passes maybe 2.5 and I was up over the lip and with nothing but R10’s - worked up through G and pushed forward to Crazy then up to about 11,200ft and it was off to the races down the spine and round the circle.

You can only keep up with R10’s with a dhv2 if your thermaling - - now it was glide and I was soon with a small gaggle of wanabees – we pushed on toward Agula and I eventually lost them and I started to go into XC mode. \

Where to go – I had no allusions that I could make it back to Divis with the thrashy windy air so I figured if I could make it home to the Rock it would be good and I might be able to get up and dive towards town. – Oh well – not a clean enough line to the Rock and I landed in spicy land.

More tomorrow

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