Sunday, January 30, 2011

One more time to try round the lake goofy footed.

Day 2. last day to free fly.

Today was very nice for flying – the wind was a bit strong but not overpowering. Launch was fine as was climb out – again up and out. I was with the early birds at El Pinon and dove right back to the wall after a couple of passes back and forth at the rock. – The wall had some nice sharp action and it took very little to get up and over and back – This climb topped out around 10,600 ft.

A short little trip to Crazy as the wall climb ended up mixed with the G spot. – Crazy was – at least in one spot – man did that thing rock the wing. Final climb was to over 11,400 and I figured with the big gaggle that had formed we would blow over to Maguey – but nooooo. It was only 11:36 and the task start was at 12:00 so everyone just hung around.

I had no interest in hanging out so when a couple of gliders bugged for Maguey I did as well. – I had lost over 1000 feet in the mean time but that was ok. – Got to Maguey with lots of height and after a little futzing about we found the boomer that made the ridge run much easier than it might have been. – It was still a challenge – particularly at the end of the ridge – I ended up lower than I would have liked at Divs but climbed out just fine.

Only one other wing went out there – of course it was an R10-2 but we played nice. – he got nice and high while I groveled then pushed out west. – I hung on the ridge got up a little bit then took the dive over to the hills north of Santo Tomas & Colorines - this is kinda a no fly area because of power lines and canyons but with height it was no problem.

This dive was part of my on going effort to make it round the lake from the west side. This was my second try and I am not done trying.

A long hike out left me tired and sore but I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

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Jeff Lowry said...

Having a good time reading your blogs. Keep it up. I landed outside Santo Thomas in 2003 just over the hills from the antennas. Loved thermalling over the 3 kings on the way there. Tricky landing in a small field crossed with power lines. Local federalies took my full info for their record. Luckily there was a guy that spoke fluent English that helped with the translation. $30 taxi ride around the north side of the lake back to Valle.